Academic Opportunity Fund (AOF) Awards grants for academic travel that enhances student access to valuable education experiences beyond the classroom
ADA Accessibility Fund (ADAAF) Provides funding for student groups to provide accommodations for events and activities in order to comply with ADA
Arts and Creativity Fund (ACF) Funding for students and student groups to seek to enhance the exposure of visual, performing and creative art endeavors on campus
DeCal Fund (DCF) Funding for DeCal courses and independent student-initiated courses
Educational Equity and Excellence Fund (EEEF) Funding for programs and organizations which increase academic opportunities and provide support services to transfer students, re entry students, student parents, undocumented students, former foster youth and independent students, student veterans and educational opportunity program students
Intellectual Community Fund (ICF) Funding for programs that foster a unified campus community that is conducive to free intellectual exchange
Multicultural Fund (MCF) Funding for events introducing campus to a culture
Public Service Fund (PSF) Funding to increase and facilitate public service efforts towards communities outside of the UC Berkeley campus
Cooperative Opportunity Fund Funding for cooperative houses
Ethnic Studies’ 5th Account Funding for student group projects, activities, or events that are ethnic-specific and educational to the general campus community
Graduate Assembly Funds Graduate Meetings, Events, and Resources Funds
Student Activism Grant
Campus Diversity Grant
Community Service Grant
Educational Improvement Grant
Publication Funds
Travel Awards
Greek Opportunity Fund Funding for fraternities and sororities to focus on community service and philanthropy, scholarship and educational enhancement, leadership development, professional and career development - events must be open to all students
Public Service Center Student Initiated Community Projects Provides sponsorship (including finances) for registered student groups engaged in service projects that address vital community needs
Senate Contingency Fund Funding for student groups for unanticipated costs for programs and events, as well as new organizations that recently registered with the LEAD Center and could not receive funding in the previous year
Student Opportunity Fund (SOF) Funding to provide support for events/activities both co-curricular and academic planned by and for Cal students
Student Space Reservation Fund Funding for event spaces on and around campus (accomodation for Lower Sproul Construction)
The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Funding (via grants) for sustainability projects that improve and support campus sustainability efforts (modes of transportation, increase water and energy efficiency, restore habitat, promote environmental and food justice, reduce amount of waste created by the campus)
Other Funding Free Ventures
Big Ideas