Role of the Student Technology Fund Committee:

  • Oversees the use of the fee
  • Accepts and reviews proposals from students, faculty and staff on how to allocate fee revenues for software packages and new student technology initiatives
  • Makes recommendations on the fee’s use to the Chancellor

The eleven voting members of the committee are appointed as follows:

  • Two representatives each from the ASUC, the Committee on Student Fees, and the Graduate Assembly
  • One representative each from the Academic Senate, Student Union, and the Student Affairs IT staff, in addition to one designee appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and one designee appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor–IT and CIO

The four non-voting members of the committee are:

  • One representative from the Campus Budget Office
  • Two program associates who manage the day-to-day administrative functions of the fund
  • One staff to the committee who manages the ongoing administrative affairs of the fund

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