Renewing the Fund

For the past seven years, the Student Technology Fund (STF) has transformed the landscape of technology equity and access at Cal.

STF has provided 
1) F
ree software negociated at scale for all students, including: 
ZoomPro, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, LinkedIn Learning, MATLab, and  STATA, and,

2) Grant funding for more than 400 projects including: 
Course capture, the Library's Laptop Checkout Program, Student Technology Equity Program (STEP) and other COVID relief efforts, the Student Tech Services Helpdesk, the Open Computing Facility (OCF) and other campus labs, makerspaces, and more. 

Without STF, programs like these would lack critical funding that enables technology equity and, thus, equal access to the promise of the Cal experience.

The STF is a student-initiated fee referendum and it will expire if it is not renewed at the ballot by graduate and undergraduate students in the April 2021 Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) elections.  Without the STF, students would have to individually purchase much of the software they have come to rely upon, and projects funded by the STF to date would need to seek alternate funding, or might cease to operate. Students can vote by logging into April 5-7, 2021, when the election opens.

Students are leading STF's renewal efforts through an independent non-University entity called the STF Referendum Renewal Group.  To date, there is no known opposition group to the STF's renewal.  Graduate students are invited to make public comment at the March 4, 2021 meeting of the Graduate Assembly (GA) where the GA will vote on resolution 2102E to renew the STF.  A similar resolution is expected to be put forth by the ASUC, also in March 2021. 

To learn more about RREG, email ASUC Senator Ellis Spickermann ( or GA Vice President of Finance Martin Siron ( 
Students are invited to share their perspective with their elected officials in student government.  All students can contact the ASUC and graduate and professional students can also contact the Graduate Assembly