Required Forms and Templates

The Student Technology Fund Committee requires utilization of the following forms and templates by all grant applicants.

1. Budget (due at time of application)

Purpose: Applicants use the budget template to easily present all the information being sought by the Student Technology Fund Committee.  This allows the Committee to apply a standard level of rigor to reviewing all applications.

Process: Applicants must copy the template, rename it with the word “budget” and the title of their project proposal, and upload it directly into the application form.   

2. Proposal Approval Form (due within two weeks of application deadline)
Purpose: Applicants use the proposal approval form to support their gathering of formalized commitments from project partners, without whom the project would not be viable as proposed.  This affords the Student Technology Fund Committee security in knowing that proposed project has the structural support necessary to flourish, if funded.   

Process: All applicants must demonstrate that they have reviewed their written proposal with relevant stakeholders and secured stakeholders' written approval with electronic or wet signatures on the project approval form.  Student group applicants must use the proposal approval form for student groups.  UC Berkeley Departments must use the proposal approval form for University departments

Applicants must copy the form and rename it with the words “approval form” and the title of their project proposal.  Completed proposal approval forms can either be uploaded to the application at the time of submission, or provided via email to up to two weeks after the application submission deadline.