When and Where to Apply

Historically, the Student Technology Fund (STF) offered grant cycles as follows.

Grants Cycle Semester Offered
$5K or Less Fall 
$5K or Less Spring 
Over $5K Spring

The STF will not offer a Fall 2020 Fast Track grant cycle. 
UC Berkeley community members may want to consider other sources of grant funding such as the CACSSF, TGIF, and Wellness FundThe STF will announce whether it will offer Spring 2021 grant cycles by early December 2020.

Issues that impacted this decision and that are under consideration regarding whether to offer a Spring 2021 grant cycle(s) include:

  • The STF Referendum sunsets in Spring 2021.  This means that, unless the STF is renewed, the Fund's staff and Committee will not be present to steward the Fund, support, and oversee new project grants made in the 2020-2021 academic year.  What body would take on these duties is yet to be determined.  Learn more about the STF's future here.
  • The STF committed about $1M in relief to support critical student technology needs associated with COVID-19.  This substantially reduced the funds available to expend in 2020-2021.  
  • Changes in 2020-2021 enrollment, which, in turn, changes the STF's student fee revenue, may yield a smaller pool of funds better spent bolstering investment in existing grants, rather than soliciting new proposals. 
  • Rather than reviewing new grant applications, the STF Committee may wish to focus on assessing the Fund's efficacy to date, supporting its existing 400+ grantees, who are working hard to realize their goals despite COVID-19, and playing a lead in the campus conversation on how to best meet students' technology needs long-term.