Blockchain Research Server and Computer

Blockchain Research Server and Computer

Grantee: Blockchain at Berkeley

Amount Funded: $12,000

Funding Cycle: Spring 2018 Large Scale

Implementation Period: Single Year

Funding Time Period: Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Full Grant Allocation Spent: Yes

Project Description: Blockchain Research Server and Computer (B@B Rig) is a high-end multicore, server-grade computers being built by and used by UC Berkeley students. Funds were provided to support the purchase of high-end server-grade computer parts, such as Intel Xeon Processors, Nvidia and AMD GPUs, and multiple SSDs. B@B Rig or Rigs will be used as a research node for blockchain research such as IPFS, PoW/PoS, Economic Simulations, and Distributed Computing Protocol Development.

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