Creative Discovery Fellows

Grantee: Academic Innovation Studio and American Cultures Institute

Amount Funded: $165,791 (Project originally funded $300,000, but scope reduced in July 2020 and project modification request submitted to STF Committee approved) 

Funding CycleSpring 2019 Large Scale

Implementation Period: Initially Single Year; project extension to June 2021 granted in July 2020 

Funding Time Period: Academic Year 2019 - 2021

Project Description: The Creative Discovery Fellows program (a collaboration between the American Cultures Center and Academic Innovation Studio) aimed to: (1) create enriching employment, mentoring, and professional development opportunities for students; (2) deepen learning and the academic experience by incorporating digital creativity tools into the American Cultures curriculum, which impacts every Berkeley undergraduate; and (3) leverage existing investments and improve equity of access by providing campus-wide support and training for software already licensed by the University.

Final Narrative Report: Narrative report part I and program website 

Budget Report

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