Apply to Modify your Project

In the Student Technology Fund's award notification, grantees are informed of whether their project is funded fully or partially, and if there are any restrictions to how the funding can be applied to the proposed budget.  Unless otherwise specified in the award notification, it is expected that grantees will spend per the line items in their application's budget and within the timeline specified in their grant application.  That said, the Fund recognizes that sometimes changes must be considered. 

Apply to Change your Project Budget 

Check to see if any intended changes require submission of our project modification form. Please note that the form is due 15 business days before seeking to incur expense.  Note that major change requests require Committee review and Committee may be in recess during the UCB summer or winter breaks.

ChangeRequires STF Approval.
Submit Form.
Does not Require Approval,
No Need to Submit Form.
Change in expense detail (i.e. purchasing a different model of the same hardware) X
Change that results in the same outcome (i.e. using a vendor other than the one whose quote was provided in the application, but still procuring the same kind of product or service; spending on different marketing materials for the same campaign, etc.) X
Changing expense category (i.e. spending on staff compensation instead of tech event expenses, or meals for students instead of software licensing costs) X
Fast Track: changes that involve 50% or more of your total award X
Large Scale: changes that involve 15% or more of your total award X

Apply to Change your Project Timeline

Multi-year projects are allowed if they apply as such.  Otherwise, all funding will be spent within the fiscal year in which it was received.  At UC Berkeley, the fiscal year starts July 1st and ends June 30th the following year.  If you need to submit a project modification form, please note that it is due before deadline to spend funds listed in table below.

Grant CycleAward NotificationFunds post in Berkeley 
Financial System (BFS)*
Transfer occurs in BFS**Funds in CalLink accounts*** Date Funds
Must be Spent
Fall Fast Track Early / mid December December 31st

January, five business
days after the start of the month  

January 31st June 30th 
(5-6 months from receipt of funds)
Spring Fast Track Early / mid May September 30th October, five business
days after the start of the month  
October 31st June 30th 
(7-8 months from receipt of funds)
Annual Large Scale  Early / mid May September 30th

October, five business
days after the start of the month  
October 31st June 30th 
(7-8 months from receipt of funds)

 *The Berkeley Financial System is used by all departments and some departmentally-sponsored student groups.  
**Transfer is back-dated to last day of previous month.
***CalLink is used by student government and most student groups.