Apply to Modify your Project

In the Student Technology Fund's award notification, grantees are informed of whether their project is funded fully or partially, and if there are any restrictions to how the funding can be applied to the proposed budget. 

Unless otherwise specified in the award notification, it is expected that:
1.  Grantees will spend per the line items in their application's budget.

2.  Multi year projects are allowed if they apply as such.  Otherwise, all funding will be spent within the fiscal year in which it was received.  At UC Berkeley, the fiscal year starts July 1st and ends June 30th the following year.  See the table below.

Grant Cycle Award Notification Funds Disbursed Funds in CalLink accounts* 

Funds in Berkeley Financial System accounts** 

Deadline to Spend Funds and
(window to spend funds)
Fall Fast Track Early / mid December December 31st February 1st January 1st  June 30th 
(5-6 months)
Spring Fast Track Early / mid May September 30th November 30th October 1st June 30th 
(8-9 months)
Annual Large Scale  Early / mid May September 30th

November 30th October 1st June 30th
(8-9 months)

 *CalLink is used by student government and most student groups.
**The Berkeley Financial System is used by all departments and some departmentally-sponsored student groups.

3.  Grantees seeking to change their project's timeline or budget will submit the below forms and secure written approval from the STF before proceeding.  The STF will seek to provide enough flexibility to enable a grantees' success in meeting their project goals, but if the project's proposed changes are significant, the STF can require the funds be returned.  

Project Extension Request Form 
Budgetary Adjustment Request Form