Grant Reporting (Required of all Grantees)

Grant reporting is a requirement of receiving funding, as is described to grantees in STF's standard grant award letter.

Why ask grantees to document their successes and challenges? It enables the following: 

1. It informs STF's future funding strategy and the guidance we provide for grant applicants developing new projects; 
2. It enables STF to provide informed guidance and support for grantees' projects;
3. It a
llows STF to appropriately connect grantees' projects with student stakeholders and campus partners as their project unfolds, or with media and opportunities for exposure, as the project is completed;
4. It supports transparency for students into how their student fees are spent and helps the STF evaluate its own efficacy; 
5. It helps grantees identify when they may need to submit a project modification request seeking permission to change their budget or project timeline; and 
6. It gives the STF insight into whether inactive or cancelled grant projects should have their balances returned so that those funds can be allocated to other projects that benefit students. 

How does the STF collect information on grantees' progress? 
STF requires that grantees submit Project Update Reports for narrative reporting, photo submissions, and links to our grantees' coverage in the news, or their own websites. 
When grantees' projects are complete, or their timeline to spend STF funds has expired, grantees submit a standard Project Close Report. The STF also periodically audits grantee spending in CalAnswers if they are campus department grantees, and in CalLink, if they are student group grantees. 

Where does the STF share information on grantees' progress? 
Our website includes project profiles for all grant projects funded at $5,000 or more.  For updates on projects funded at less than $5,000, please email You can view brief videos about some of our grantees' work on STF's Vimeo channel.

Where can I read about STF's impact over the seven years of its existence from Fall 2014 - Spring 2021?
You can navigate to this area of our website to read about the multiple areas of STF's impact, from project grants, to student software licensing negotiated at scale.  We also offer a summary report, STF's Impact Overview.  We plan to release a more comprehensive impact report in the 2021-2022 academic year. Finally, like all campus-based fees, STF submits an annual report to the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Student Service Fees.