STF's Legacy: expansion of student tech equity and access

ZoomPro, laptops, hotspots

ZoomPro, and Laptop and Hotspots Lending Program

All students got ZoomPro and could apply for free long-term checkout of laptops and hotspots, thanks to their Student Tech Fee.

Student technology services

Software and Student Technology Services

Students had access to Adobe and Microsoft Office, plus tech support using it, available thanks to their Student Tech Fee.

Tech-enabled spaces

Tech-Enabled Spaces

Students watched webcast lectures, used AV-enabled meeting rooms, and more, thanks their Student Tech Fee.

Laptop and iClicker checkout

Equipment Checkout

Students borrowed laptops at Moffitt or iClickers from the ASUC or EOP, thanks to their Student Tech Fee.

Makerspaces, computer labs

Your Fee at Work 2014-2021: Makerspaces, Computing Labs, and more

Students laser-printed and 3D printed at OCF, Jacobs, and others, thanks to their Student Tech Fee.


2015-2021: STF Inception and Activity

The STF was voted into place in the ASUC election in Spring 2015.  Between Fall 2015 and Spring 2021, it funded about 500 grant projects and licensed all graduate, professional school, and undergraduate students' access to several software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, LinkedIn Learning, and more.

2020-2021: STF Renewal Effort in a Closed-Campus Year

In April 2021, although more than 80% of students voted in favor of renewing the Student Technology Fee (STF) for another seven years, the fee did not pass in the ASUC Election due to lower-than-required voter turnout. (Nineteen point one percent of students voted, 0.9% below the threshold required). 

Spring 2021: STF Sunset

The STF Committee dissolved and the STF fee ceased to be collected after this point.

Fall 2022: IREF Onset 

The Chancellor approved a new course materials fee, the Instructional Resillience Enhancement Fee (IREF). This fee supports some of the areas previously funded by STF. 

To learn more about how campus-based student fees are created, see the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Student Service Fees.

Former Mission 

The Student Technology Fund (STF) equitably and transparently stewarded use of student fees in support of technology initiatives that advanced undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students’ academic and co-curricular experiences at UC Berkeley. The STF supported efforts that spanned academic disciplines. It championed initiatives that were both innovative and practical in nature. It conducted this work while paying particular attention to ensuring that the needs of historically underserved students were equitably met. STF centered students' voices as agents of their own resources and included a diverse representation from the community in its Committee and staff composition.

Work in Brief

The Student Technology Fund's committee and staff, respectively, made funding decisions and administered the Student Technology Fee from Fall 2014 through Spring 2021. Voted into place by students in the 2014 ASUC election, the $51/semester fee harnessed students' collective buying power to negotiate software licenses at scale and channel funding to grant-based technology projects that enhanced the student experience. 

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