iClicker Free Rental Program

iClicker Free Rental Program

Grantee: Educational Opportunity Program

Amount Funded: $19,986

Funding Cycle: Spring 2019 Large Scale

Implementation Period: Single year

Funding Time Period: Academic year 2019-2020

Full Grant Allocation Spent: Yes

Project Description: Every semester, EOP STEM rents out iClickers to students in hopes to decrease parts of the financial stress that comes with being low-income students at UC Berkeley. STF funds allowed EOP to purchase additional iClickers, providing over 500 EOP students a free iClicker each semester.


  •  "I appreciate this program because it offered me the opportunity to save myself money that I could need for food or other school materials. The rental program was well-publicized and easy to apply. It has been useful throughout the 2 years I have been staying at Cal." 
  •  "Thank you for being an accessible resource to me and easing my financial stress! <3" 
  •  "It was very helpful to have an iClicker rented out! Buying an iClicker is a little out of my budget right now, and this resource is very helpful. Even though I'm not a pure STEM major (I'm Public Health, interested in Epidemiology and medicine) some of my technicals required iClickers. Thanks EOP STEM!"

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