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The tiles below expand to provide detailed profiles of some of the Student Technology Fund's hundreds of grantees since 2015.  To see a complete list of all funded projects, click here.

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Accessible Design Learning

Funds were used to support the continuation of the Accessible Design Learning program. The program offers low-income and underrepresented minority students access to free art classes.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of desktop and mobile applications and services used for designing print and online media assets, video editing, web development, photography, and more.

ASUC iClicker Rental Program

STF funded to expand the ASUC iClicker Rental Program, purchasing more iClicker units to distribute to the student body.

ASUC Long Term Laptop Rental Program

Funds were used for a long-term laptop rental program, aimed to increase student accessibility with Chromebooks on a rental basis.

ASUC Senate Chamber Live Stream

STF provided fund to ASUC Communications to support the installment and operations of webcasting hardware and software to make ASUC senate meetings more accessible.

ASUC Student Union AV Engagement Project

Funds were granted to support AV upgrades, including the addition of state-of-the-art audio and video intergration, throughout the Student Union.

Berkeley HBSA Lending

Funds were provided to acquire universal phone and laptop chargers that would be accessible to Haas students at the business library.

BerkeleyTime Maintenance and Upkeep is a course catalog website used by 90% of undergraduates. STF grants allow it to expand its features and continue to provide services as the student population rises.

Blockchain Research Server and Computer

B@B Rig is a high-end multicore, server-grade computers being built and used by UC Berkeley students. Funds supported the purchase of computer parts.

Bridges All-Purpose Room Multimedia Project

The bridges Multicultural Resource Center used funds to install the infrastructure necessary to facilitate program planning and service distribution in the all-purpose room.

Bridges Makerspace

Funds were used to create an open space serving students from all departments through a makerspace, purchasing hardware and furnishing for the space. The space functions as an innovation space on campus.

Cal Hacks 5.0 and 6.0

Cal Hacks is the largest hackathon in the country. Each year, 2000 hackers are invited for a weekend innovation, building, and learning. STF provided funds to ensure the successful operations of the event.

Career Center Enhanced Online Services Request

STF funds licenses for state-of-the-art, customizable, web-based tools that assist students with developing effective resumes and preparing for job interviews.

CED Computer Lab

The College of Environmental Design used funds to upgrade 50 computers in its student computing lab.

Child Development Assessment Tool

ECEP is required to submit bi-annual assessments of children enrolled in the program. Funds were used to purchase iPads for teachers to document observational notes in real time.

CLPR Technology Upgrades 2017

Fundings were used for technological upgrade of the Conference Room and new Gallery Space with AV technology at CLPR, creating a specially dedicated art space for the Latinx community.

Cognitive Science and Psychology ULAB Development

Undergraduate Laboratory at Berkeley: Psychology and Cognitive Sciences Division creates a collaborative research space for undergraduates with no research experience. Funding was used to acquire virtual reality technology to make research more accessible to the undergraduate student population.

Creative Discovery Fellows

The Creative Discovery Fellows program is a collaboration between American Cultures Center and Academic Innovation Studio. Funding was provided to support programs that help students better leverage Adobe.

Creative Lab Maintenance and Upgrades

STF provided funding for repairs and equipment upgrades to the Creative Lab, which offers cutting-edge services and workshops for community.

Data Science for All at UC Berkeley

Two years of funding was provided to scale up the successful peer consultation model and provide additional services to reach more students interested in data science.

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Funds were provided to the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics (ARE) to purchase laptop computers designated for a variety of graduate student research projects.

Developing 3D Models of Cultural Heritage Materials

Funding helped students work with visualization technologies to develop content and exhibitions that engage the broad audience that visit campus museums.

Digital Eye Chart Project

The School of Optometry's pre-clinic practice space used funds for up-to-date visual acuity tests to enhance optometry students' learning experience and to help them utilize new technology to optimize patient care.

Diversity STEM Technology Access Project

Funds were used for computers, scanners, printers, LCD projectors, etc. at their student center that serves underrepresented Undergraduate and Graduate in STEM.

Drug Discovery Makerspace

The Makerspace enables students to get hands-on training in “bench to bedside” translational science to develop novel therapies and diagnostics. Funding was provided support tech infrastructure for student training.

DSP Assistive Technology Laptop Acquisition

Funds were provided to DSP to acquire additional laptops and software to support students who, for disability-related reasons, require the use of a computer for taking their exams. 

ECEP Security Project

Early Childhood Education Program used funds for installation of panic buttons, alarms, and access control systems to increase the safety and security for families and staff at its five campus childcare centers.

EOP STEM Community Space

Funding was provided to procure technology for the EOP STEM Community Space that are accessible to over 1000 undergraduates.

GA Laptop Checkout Program

Funds were provided to institute a checkout program to allow students to work on collaborative document processing and advocacy research without the need to maintain personal computers.

GPS Center Technology Installation

STF funded the installation of state-of-the-art technology in the Graduate Professional Services Center to support events and courses offered in this space for over 10,000 graduate students.


GradBook is an events calendar and resource app. The app serves as a single-stop source of information to get graduate and professional students better connected to events and resources.

Human Rights Investigations Lab

Fund was granted to support an initiative on training students to conduct real-world open source investigations of human rights, disinformation, and hate speech.

iClicker Free Rental Program

Every semester, EOP rents out iClickers to students in hopes to decrease financial stress of low-income students. STF grants allowed EOP to provide over 500 EOP students a free iClicker each semester.

Industrial Robots for Student Applications

Funds were granted to purchased mobile robot arms that are instrumental in teaching students the foundations of robotics.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning includes instruction about specific software as well as skills related to programming, web design, audio and video production, project management, time management, and much more.

LinkedIn Learning: Online video tutorials offers educational online videos on web, business, design and etc. STF provided fundings to continue subscription for all graduate and undergraduate students.


MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications.

Microsoft Office and Windows 10

365 is a collection of services that includes access to Office applications.  Microsoft Windows Desktop OS upgrades include Windows 8.1 Professional, and Windows 10 Education.

Mobile Multi-Purpose 8-Channel Audio System

STF funded a rapidly deployable, state-of-the-art, mobile, modular, multi-channel audio system to enable support of immersive concert events, audio installations and film screenings in any suitable space.

Modernizing & Expanding UCB's Course Capture

STF funded the new course capture system which will be implemented in Fall 2020. It provides a range of improvements including better reliability and deeper bCourses integration.

Moffitt Library Laptop Rental Program

Moffitt library with the AAVP office has provided a laptop rental program that is accessible to all students. Funds were granted to buy more laptops so this critical student service continues.

Moffitt Makerspace

Supporting students’ interest in technology and design, STF funded the creation of a Makerspace in Moffitt Library. The goal is to create equal opportunities for all to explore maker-related activities. 

Moffitt Renovation Tech

STF funded tech components of Moffitt's 4th and 5th floor renovation including a new room reservation system, a presentation practice studio,video conferencing capabilities, and devices for students to check out.

Music Technology Lab

The Music Technology Lab serves to ultimately advance the musical arts by using funds to provide essential tools to conduct research, compose, and carry out various music projects.

Neurophysiology Lab Capabilities for Cognitive Science

This project will acquire EEG equipment, providing the first offering where students learn to directly probe the brain’s electrical signals through a new neuroscience lab course.

Open Computing Facility

The STF funded the Open Computing Facility, which is a student-run Chartered Program of the ASUC dedicated to providing free computing for all. Its services ranged from printing to expiration-free web hosting to Unix shell accounts to email.

Physics Tinkering Studio

Funds were provided to support the development of the Tinkering Studio, a space provided for students to develop skills to apply in research labs, learn machining and how to use research equipment.

Physics' Solidworks Training and Product Fabrication Module

Funds were provided to purchase software licenses, computers, and the CNC milling machine.

PMC Studio Renovation and Equipment Expansion Project

Funds were provided to the PMC to renovate in-office film studio space and purchase new media equipment for students to rent. 

Powerful Survey Data Collection

Funds were used to provide universal campus access of Qualtrics, extending instructional and consulting support, and developing student-led mentoring and assistance.


Qualtrics is a powerful, full-featured web-based platform for creating, sharing and conducting online surveys. Berkeley provides access to all basic features of this software to all campus members.

Search by Major Requirements on Class Schedule

Funds were provided to add a major requirements filter on Class Schedule to assist students in course planning while also aiding advisors in their work.

Social Game for Smart Building Energy Efficiency

Funds were provided to support the purchase of cutting-edge IoT sensors, software and computing devices as well as to hold technology events open to all campus members.

Space Enterprise Rocket Development

Funds were used to support the continued development of the Eureka rocket.

STAR at Berkeley IREC Project

STAR at Berkeley is Cal's competitive rocketry team. Funding was provided to design the launch vehicle, BearForceOne, as well as investment in STAR's liquid propulsion system in preparation for future launches.

Stata for Public Policy

Fund was granted to purchase 200 perpetual Stata licenses for students in the Master of Public Policy program. Licenses will be used for at least 6 cohorts of students (700 students).

Strengthening the UC Gill Tract Community Farm

With funding for an upgraded website plan, renewed phone plan, crop management software, training, and compost tea brewing system, UCGTCF strengthens its operations and outreach.

Student Access Machine Shop Computer Numerical Control Center

Funds supported the addition of a HAAS machining center, which allows the Mechanical Engineering Department to develop a multi-tiered CNC program.

Student Health Service Fast Track Navigation

This project supports students moving expediently through Tang from the time of entering to completing their visit. The technology includes an interactive wayfinding map, check-in kiosks and additional Chromebooks for check-ins.

Student Helpdesk and Tech Tools Outreach

The STF funded the student-staffed IT helpdesk, which is available by phone and at multiple campus locations, plus the outreach program to help students find technology tools.

Student Resource and Advising Center Revitalization

Funds were used to revitalize the CNR Student Resource and Advising Center and foster a stronger community and greater peer-to-peer collaboration.

Student Staffing for Mobile Berkeley Platform

Funds were used to hire students to engage student organizations and collaborate with campus IT/Public Affairs to build content for a high-quality mobile experience for students.

Student Technology Equity Program

Emergency funding to provide a Zoom Pro account for all students, to acquire technology periperals such as laptops and hotspots and hire an administrative staff for the Student Technology Equity Program

Supernode Laser Cutter

Funds were provided to acquire a laser cutter for Supernode, an open makerspace in Cory Hall, and allow access by the general campus community at no cost.

TAO Connect - Online Tools for Behavioral Health

Funds were granted to purchase software licensing of TAO Connect, an platform that provides education and skill development to support students’ mental health.

Technology Access Program

Student Technology Fund Logo Emergency funding to create a laptop and hotspot lending program for students in need as courses moved to an online only format and campus service offerings changed due to shelter in place.

Technology for Active Learning Classroom

This grant aided the transformation of a classroom into an Active Learning Classroom (ALC) in the School of Social Welfare.

The Daily Californian's Digital Accessibility Expansion

Through this grant, the Daily Cal expanded its offering of office computers and aimed to provide equal opportunity to every student in content creation.

The Quantum Computing Project

The Quantum Computing Project aims to set up a permanent quantum mechanics and computation training program. Funds were granted for compensation and initializing lab processes.

Thermal Camera for Student Research

Funds were provided the Department of ESPM for a long-wave infrared thermal camera that is made available to students on a check out basis for research, club, or teaching purposes.

Third World Liberation Front Digital Portal

Funds supported the Center for Race and Gender and other partners to publish an online multimedia digital portal documenting Third World Liberation Front Digital Portal’s critical role.

Transfer Student Center

 Funds were provided to purchase a charging station locker, portable chargers, laptop charger loaners, noise-canceling headphones loaners, and extra power outlets.

Universal Tester to Validate Student Innovations

Funds were used to purchase a new universal-testing machine to exclusively support student projects, teams and independent research.

Web Tools for Student Project Resources

Funds were provided to support student-focused web tools that better support students in accessing campus’ resources and facilitate networking for project team building and mentoring.

World Human Powered Speed Challenge

Funds were granted to purchased equipments and components needed to build the Human Powered Vehicle.