Technology Access Program (TAP) and Student Technology Equity Program (STEP)

In the 2020-2021 academic year, the Office of the CIO and the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education are sponsoring the Student Technology Equity Program (STEP).  Apply today! The Student Technology Fund operates and provides additional funding to STEP.

In Spring 2020, working in collaboration with the Chief Technology Officer and other campus partners, the Student Technology Fund mobilized the Tech Access Program as a short-term emergency response to students' need for laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots during COVID-19.  The program provided 470 laptops and 200 hotspots to students, mostly by mail, as a free loan. 

Sonim XP8 hotspots being prepared for distribution from Unit 2, March 2020

Student Technology Fund staff transporting Dell laptops for shipment to students, April 2020

Student Technology Fund and FedEx staff packaging Chromebooks and hotspots for shipment to students, April 2020

U-Haul filled with Chromebooks being transported to FedEx for shipment, April 2021

I previously relied on the university’s technology in the libraries...After receiving a Chromebook laptop from the Technology Access Program, I’ve not only been able to attend my zoom classes but I’ve also had the chance to attend work virtually as an ambassador for Berkeley and now as a mentor, thank you!
Anthony, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2023
The WiFi hotspot, with a paid data plan, is a relief for me. Before receiving the hotspot, I had very limited and unreliable access to the internet. This affected how my role as a student... a GSI ...and a researcher. Now, I am able to do all these because of the hotspot so thank you for the wonderful and needed program.
Anonymous, graduate student