STF's Response to COVID-19

Students' Technology Fees Supporting COVID-19 Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically amplified the critical role that technology plays in the student experience. Students need access to technology to support and engage in the online learning environment, and an increasingly online community environment. The digital divide that impacts UCB students predates COVID-19, and thus a coordinated institutional response that ensures equitable access to technology resources is necessary long-term. However, in an effort to meet the emergency needs created by COVID-19's health and economic impacts, as well as to meet needs exacerbated by COVID-19, starting in March 2020, the Student Technology Fund began the following three-pronged response.

1. First, the STF funded, and together with the Chief Technology Officer and other campus partners, mobilized STF's Tech Access Program as a short-term emergency response to students' need for laptops and WiFi hotspots during COVID-19.

2. Second, the STF and other campus partners developed this portal to help students navigate a centralized process of applying for cash relief for technology, housing, and food needs.

3. Third, the STF, in response to a proposal it solicited from the Chancellor, STF granted $717K in emergency funding to the University to rapidly deploy solutions that immediately benefit students. This includes expansion of the STF Tech Access Program and ZoomPro licensing for all students from May 2020 through June 2021.

STF'S C-19 Response in the News

Berkeley News.  May 2020.  "COVID-19 relief targets vulnerable students, more aid needed."