Grantee: IST

Period of Software Coverage: 2015 - Present

Licensing Cost, 2020 Fiscal Year: $17,000

Other Costs, 2020 Fiscal Year: None

Period of Software Coverage To Date: Annual contract December 2019-December 2020

Software Description: MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications.

Funding Support Structure: Students, through their payment of the Student Tech Fee, pay, together with a consortium of departments, pay ~9% of UC Berkeley's contract for MATLAB. MATLAB is a programming language utilized for application development, including graphical user interface building. STF offers MATLAB with Simulink and all toolboxes.

Bulk Rate paid by Student Tech Fund: $0.03 per student, per month

Market value: $20.83 per month

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