Open Computing Facility

Open Computing Facility

Grantee: Open Computing Facility

Amount Funded: Not to exceed $350,000

Restrictions / Conditions: 
The STF allocation will be reduced by whatever amount the ASUC provides OCF in its annual budget allocation.

Funding Cycle: Spring 2019 Large Scale

Implementation Period: Multi-Year 

Funding Time Period:

  • Academic year 2019 - 2020
  • Academic year 2020 - 2021

Project Description: The STF funded the Open Computing Facility(OCF), which is a student-run Chartered Program of the ASUC dedicated to providing free computing for all the University of California at Berkeley students, faculty, and staff. Its services ranged from printing to expiration-free web hosting to Unix shell accounts to email.


  •  “The Open Computing Facility would not be where it is today without the Student Tech Fund’s support. We have been able to keep the printing facilities and computer lab well-staffed, double printing quotas, and continue hosting websites for over 1,600 student groups. The fund’s support also enables our operational staff to work on projects that expand the OCF’s impact, such as creating designs for informative lab posters, graphics for marketing, and improving our presence on social media. Most excitingly, over the next two years, the Student Tech Fund will allow us to more than triple our High Performance Computing capacity, supercharging access to resources that power data science, machine learning, and scientific research. We are thankful for the Student Tech Fund’s support in enabling us to continue providing world-class services to students and the whole UC Berkeley community.” - Derek Phan, General Manager of OCF, ‘21

Narrative Report

Final Budget Report: Budget update