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The Student Technology Fund (STF) is student-created, student-funded, and student-governed.

Since 2014, STF has pooled student resources to:
     1) Secure free software licensing at scale for all students and, to
     2) Support student tech initiatives, in the form of project grants, benefiting students, grad and undergrad, across all disciplines.

The STF will expire this Spring if it is not renewed at the ballot by grad and undergrad students in the ASUC election April 5-7, 2021.  VOTE HERE.

ASUC Voter Guide 2021.                         
Click the above 2021 ASUC Elections Voter Info. Guide to view
the ballot language about STF on pg. 11.  

ASUC Information on How and When to Vote
STF Passed vs. STF Proposed (2021 election)

Get Connected

Students are leading STF's renewal efforts through an independent non-University entity called the STF Referendum Renewal Group (RReG). To date, there is no known opposition group to the STF's renewal.

In March 2021, the ASUC Senate passed resolution 065 endorsing renewal of the STF and placement of the STF renewal referendum on the ballot in the April 2021 elections. The resolution was uncontested on the Senate floor and had sponsorship from nearly half of the Senate. The GA also passed a resolution to have the fee's renewal placed on the ballot with resolution 2102E.  

To learn more about RReG, email ASUC Senator Ellis Spickermann Ellis Spickermann or GA Vice President of Finance Martin Siron Students' titles are listed for identification purposes only.

Difference between STF in place 2014-2021 and the proposed STF to. be in place 2021-2028

What does the Student Tech Fund offer?

Get Out and Vote!

Students can share their perspective with their elected officials in student government.  All students can contact the ASUC and graduate and professional students can also contact the Graduate Assembly.

Voting is live now! Log in to to cast your vote between Monday, April 5th at 12:00 am and Wednesday, April 7th at 11:59 pm.