STF Renewal Didn't Pass; What's Next?

Although more than 80% of students voted in favor of passing the Student Technology Fee (STF) renewal, the fee did not pass in the spring 2021 ASUC Election due to lower-than-required voter turnout. (19.1% of students voted, 0.9% below the threshold required.)

After the failed referendum, a proposal was submitted for a one-year Miscellaneous Student Fee that could potentially cover costs for services such as software licensing and the Student Tech Helpdesk for FY22, both costs previously covered by the STF.  (Please note that current software licensing runs through the 2021 summer session). The CFO's office and the Committee on Student Fees are conducting analysis before forwarding it to the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Student Fees for an evaluation and recommendation, which will be voted upon at their June 15th, 2021 meeting.  In other words, the situation is fluid and pending analysis and discussion.  Students are likely to put a new STF renewal referendum on the ballot in Spring 2022 as well, when voter turnout is expected to be higher since campus will be operating in-person again.

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