Benefits Graduate and/or Professional School Students

Child Development Assessment Tool

ECEP is required to submit bi-annual assessments of children enrolled in the program. Funds were used to purchase iPads for teachers to document observational notes in real time.

Blockchain Research Server and Computer

B@B Rig is a high-end multicore, server-grade computers being built and used by UC Berkeley students. Funds supported the purchase of computer parts.

Mobile Multi-Purpose 8-Channel Audio System

STF funded a rapidly deployable, state-of-the-art, mobile, modular, multi-channel audio system to enable support of immersive concert events, audio installations and film screenings in any suitable space.

GPS Center Technology Installation

STF funded the installation of state-of-the-art technology in the Graduate Professional Services Center to support events and courses offered in this space for over 10,000 graduate students.

Student Staffing for Mobile Berkeley Platform

Funds were used to hire students to engage student organizations and collaborate with campus IT/Public Affairs to build content for a high-quality mobile experience for students.

ECEP Security Project

Early Childhood Education Program used funds for installation of panic buttons, alarms, and access control systems to increase the safety and security for families and staff at its five campus childcare centers.

Diversity STEM Technology Access Project

Funds were used for computers, scanners, printers, LCD projectors, etc. at their student center that serves underrepresented Undergraduate and Graduate in STEM.

Digital Eye Chart Project

The School of Optometry's pre-clinic practice space used funds for up-to-date visual acuity tests to enhance optometry students' learning experience and to help them utilize new technology to optimize patient care.

Developing 3D Models of Cultural Heritage Materials

Funding helped students work with visualization technologies to develop content and exhibitions that engage the broad audience that visit campus museums.

Bridges Makerspace

Funds were used to create an open space serving students from all departments through a makerspace, purchasing hardware and furnishing for the space. The space functions as an innovation space on campus.