Benefits Undergraduates

ASUC Student Union AV Engagement Project

Funds were granted to support AV upgrades, including the addition of state-of-the-art audio and video intergration, throughout the Student Union.

Career Center Enhanced Online Services Request

STF funds licenses for state-of-the-art, customizable, web-based tools that assist students with developing effective resumes and preparing for job interviews.

Data Science for All at UC Berkeley

Two years of funding was provided to scale up the successful peer consultation model and provide additional services to reach more students interested in data science.

Physics Tinkering Studio

Funds were provided to support the development of the Tinkering Studio, a space provided for students to develop skills to apply in research labs, learn machining and how to use research equipment.

Search by Major Requirements on Class Schedule

Funds were provided to add a major requirements filter on Class Schedule to assist students in course planning while also aiding advisors in their work.

TAO Connect - Online Tools for Behavioral Health

Funds were granted to purchase software licensing of TAO Connect, an platform that provides education and skill development to support students’ mental health.

Industrial Robots for Student Applications

Funds were granted to purchased mobile robot arms that are instrumental in teaching students the foundations of robotics.

STAR at Berkeley IREC Project

STAR at Berkeley is Cal's competitive rocketry team. Funding was provided to design the launch vehicle, BearForceOne, as well as investment in STAR's liquid propulsion system in preparation for future launches.

Drug Discovery Makerspace

The Makerspace enables students to get hands-on training in “bench to bedside” translational science to develop novel therapies and diagnostics. Funding was provided support tech infrastructure for student training.

Student Helpdesk and Technology Resource Promotion

This project will ensure that students can obtain the assistance they need to use and troubleshoot their hardware and software; and find technology tools and jobs that will enhance their student experience.