Grantee is a Student Group

Open Computing Facility

The STF funded the Open Computing Facility, which is a student-run Chartered Program of the ASUC dedicated to providing free computing for all. Its services ranged from printing to expiration-free web hosting to Unix shell accounts to email.

The Daily Californian's Digital Accessibility Expansion

Through this grant, the Daily Cal expanded its offering of office computers and aimed to provide equal opportunity to every student in content creation.

World Human Powered Speed Challenge

Funds were granted to purchased equipments and components needed to build the Human Powered Vehicle.

STAR at Berkeley IREC Project

STAR at Berkeley is Cal's competitive rocketry team. Funding was provided to design the launch vehicle, BearForceOne, as well as investment in STAR's liquid propulsion system in preparation for future launches.

Cal Hacks 5.0 and 6.0

Cal Hacks is the largest hackathon in the country. Each year, 2000 hackers are invited for a weekend innovation, building, and learning. STF provided funds to ensure the successful operations of the event.


GradBook is an events calendar and resource app. The app serves as a single-stop source of information to get graduate and professional students better connected to events and resources.

GA Laptop Checkout Program

Funds were provided to institute a checkout program to allow students to work on collaborative document processing and advocacy research without the need to maintain personal computers.

Bridges All-Purpose Room Multimedia Project

The bridges Multicultural Resource Center used funds to install the infrastructure necessary to facilitate program planning and service distribution in the all-purpose room.

PMC Studio Renovation and Equipment Expansion Project

Funds were provided to the PMC to renovate in-office film studio space and purchase new media equipment for students to rent.

Supernode Laser Cutter

Funds were provided to acquire a laser cutter for Supernode, an open makerspace in Cory Hall, and allow access by the general campus community at no cost.