Grantee is a University Department

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning includes instruction about specific software as well as skills related to programming, web design, audio and video production, project management, time management, and much more.

Student Helpdesk and Tech Tools Outreach

The STF funded the student-staffed IT helpdesk, which is available by phone and at multiple campus locations, plus the outreach program to help students find technology tools.

Data Science for All at UC Berkeley

Two years of funding was provided to scale up the successful peer consultation model and provide additional services to reach more students interested in data science.

Moffitt Makerspace

Supporting students’ interest in technology and design, STF funded the creation of a Makerspace in Moffitt Library. The goal is to create equal opportunities for all to explore maker-related activities.

Transfer Student Center

Funds were provided to purchase a charging station locker, portable chargers, laptop charger loaners, noise-canceling headphones loaners, and extra power outlets.

Student Technology Equity Program

Emergency funding to provide a Zoom Pro account for all students, to acquire technology periperals such as laptops and hotspots and hire an administrative staff for the Student Technology Equity Program

Technology Access Program

Student Technology Fund Logo Emergency funding to create a laptop and hotspot lending program for students in need as courses moved to an online only format and campus service offerings changed due to shelter in place.

Moffitt Library Laptop Rental Program

Moffitt library with the AAVP office has provided a laptop rental program that is accessible to all students. Funds were granted to buy more laptops so this critical student service continues.

Web Tools for Student Project Resources

Funds were provided to support student-focused web tools that better support students in accessing campus’ resources and facilitate networking for project team building and mentoring.

Modernizing & Expanding UCB's Course Capture

STF funded the new course capture system which will be implemented in Fall 2020. It provides a range of improvements including better reliability and deeper bCourses integration.