Access your Funding

The Student Technology Fund Committee makes project funding recommendations to the Chancellor, and, following the Chancellor's authorization, the Central Resources Management Office (formerly the Campus Budget Office), transfers monies from the Student Technology Fund to grantees though the Berkeley Financial System (BFS).  Grantees with departmental sponsorship use BFS, and so get the funds immediately.   Student groups getting sponsorship via the ASUC, and thus using CalLink rather than BFS, have to wait up to 4 weeks longer than departments due to additional processing requirements.  The exact dates that grantees can expect to have their funds is updated in each table on this page.  Funding can generally be expected on the following timeline:
If Departmentally Sponsored
          Fall Grantees: late December / early January 
          Spring Grantees: late September 
If ASUC Sponsored 
          Fall Grantees: late January / early February
          Spring Grantees: late October 

Grantees need to work with their fiscal sponsor and/or CalLink agent to spend their allocation and to communicate financial updates back to the Student Technology Fund in response to requests for grant reporting.  The Student Technology Fund uses both CalAnswers and CalLink to review grantee spending.  When grantees accept STF funds, they agree to following STF's financial reporting and spending requirements.  Grantees who spend their funds inappropriately risk their funds being returned and not being considered for future funding.  If you are not sure whether an item is an allowable expense per your approved budget, to update your fiscal sponsor on record, or if you have any other questions, please contact

Note that, as documented in this memorandum from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Campus Chief Finance Officer, the Office of the President of the University of California,

"...Strongly promoted a general principle that fees be collected from students only when students can actually benefit from and use services funded by such fees. This means that revenue generated by student fees — including grants awarded by student fee advisory committees —should be spent in-year to support programming and services for the students paying those fees".

If Departmentally Sponsored
Grantees access funds via their fiscal sponsor. The grantee's fiscal sponsor is not the senior-most financial staff person in their unit. Rather, the fiscal sponsor is a person with BFS access who helps employees in that unit access funding. The Student Technology Fund will consult the fiscal sponsor to verify the chartstring into which funding should be transferred and requires that the fiscal sponsor create a new, unique chartfield 1 for each STF project funded. STF funds must be separate from other funding sources, even if the funds cover the same expense. All project expenses must be tracked to the specific grant's CF1.
If ASUC Sponsored
Routine transactions to access funds should be done through the student group's CalLink agent. Learn about ASUC sponsorship and agent status here. The grantee's fiscal sponsor is their assigned LEAD Center advisor, who is listed at the bottom of the student group's CalLink page. The LEAD Center advisor can provide support accessing funds if there are problems, but agents should handle most transactions. Note that any time a student group creates a purchase request in CalLink, they should be listing their Student Technology Fund-project specific account as the funding source.