Benefits Undergraduates

Supernode Laser Cutter

Funds were provided to acquire a laser cutter for Supernode, an open makerspace in Cory Hall, and allow access by the general campus community at no cost.

Student Health Service Fast Track Navigation

This project supports students moving expediently through Tang from the time of entering to completing their visit. The technology includes an interactive wayfinding map, check-in kiosks and additional Chromebooks for check-ins.

Student Access Machine Shop Computer Numerical Control Center

Funds supported the addition of a HAAS machining center, which allows the Mechanical Engineering Department to develop a multi-tiered CNC program.

Social Game for Smart Building Energy Efficiency

Funds were provided to support the purchase of cutting-edge IoT sensors, software and computing devices as well as to hold technology events open to all campus members.

Powerful Survey Data Collection

Funds were used to provide universal campus access of Qualtrics, extending instructional and consulting support, and developing student-led mentoring and assistance.

CLPR Technology Upgrades 2017

Fundings were used for technological upgrade of the Conference Room and new Gallery Space with AV technology at CLPR, creating a specially dedicated art space for the Latinx community.

Blockchain Research Server and Computer

B@B Rig is a high-end multicore, server-grade computers being built and used by UC Berkeley students. Funds supported the purchase of computer parts.

Child Development Assessment Tool

ECEP is required to submit bi-annual assessments of children enrolled in the program. Funds were used to purchase iPads for teachers to document observational notes in real time.

Mobile Multi-Purpose 8-Channel Audio System

STF funded a rapidly deployable, state-of-the-art, mobile, modular, multi-channel audio system to enable support of immersive concert events, audio installations and film screenings in any suitable space.

Moffitt Renovation Tech

STF funded tech components of Moffitt's 4th and 5th floor renovation including a new room reservation system, a presentation practice studio,video conferencing capabilities, and devices for students to check out.